Barbecue Secrets Revealed!!!

Barbecue Secrets Revealed!!!Click Image To Visit Site“Amazing Secret Finally Revealed by Retired Kentucky Restaurant Owner Eliminates All Guesswork… And Makes Cooking Up ‘Practically Addictive’ Barbecue Simple!”

Now you can learn to make everything you grill or barbecue 100% more flavorful almost overnight, getting the perfect results you could only dream of before… while grilling steak after steak, and rib after rib, exactly how you want it, as consistent as clockwork… and, if you’re like most barbecuers, turning heads at your very next BBQ!

If you’ve ever wanted to cook up barbecue so incredible your guests actually close their eyes, make the “mmmmm” sound, and ask the person next to them if they can believe what they’re tasting… then this will be the most important message you ever read.

My name is Randy Pryor, and until recently, I was your basic BBQ “hack.” I had a Weber and some tongs, what else did I need?

Sometimes I’d grill up the meat so it was perfect on the outside, but raw on the inside… then the very next BBQ, using the same equipment, my steaks would be fine on the inside and burnt on the outside.

I remember standing over the grill after everyone left, one emotional hair-trigger away from hauling the whole thing to the dumpster and never even attend another barbecue for the rest of my life.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts? I had no consistency to my cooking at all, even after 20 years of barbecuing regularly. No way to tell how “done” the meat really was.

And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either – I’d easily dropped several thousand dollars buying whatever equipment the “pro’s” suggested at the time. I just couldn’t make it work.

Quite a few years ago, my wife’s grandfather owned a very successful restaurant in western Kentucky (known to many for their killer BBQ).

In fact, it was so successful that, when it was time to finally retire, the sale of the restaurant allowed him to put enough money away so that he and his wife can live “quite comfortably” for the rest of their lives.

About twice a year, my wife (who, at one time, worked in the restaurant) and I would fly back to Kentucky to visit all her relatives.

When I asked her grandfather if he would teach me how to barbecue (I mean really barbecue) he always declined (…something about me not understanding ’cause I was from California.)

Well, after many trips back east, and much arm-twisting, he finally considered the idea of sharing with me the closely guarded secrets of real BBQ’ing – the secrets he built his restaurant’s reputation on, and the kind of barbecuing that folks talk about for weeks.

But, he did not want these secrets out in the world for “every Tom, Dick, and Harry.” And, he was concerned that his town friends would be very upset if this information was just frittered… Read more…